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TMC Meetings

The center organizational structure consists of a Technical Management Committee (TMC) which is composed of fully authorized representatives of all member countries in the region. The TMC members will meet annually to plan the program of annual activities. It is responsible for overall management of CWARice annual agenda. It is mandated to ratify and supervise the collaborative research, development and training activities to be conducted with the various member countries. The TMC members meet annually to review, plan and approve the program of activities. TMC President selects on a rotational basis.

Agreed minutes of TMC meetings:

1st TMC 2012 (0.69 mb)

2nd TMC 2013 (1.75 mb)

3rd TMC 2014 (2.24 mb)

4th TMC 2016 (1.15 mb)

5th TMC 2017 (1.59 mb)

6th TMC 2018 (3.87 mb)