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Date: (May 20, 2020)

Project Name: Effect of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria on quantitative traits of rice varieties and some chemical characteristics of paddy soil

The seedlings used for rice cultivation were prepared in 3 to 5 leaf stages from the nursery of the Rice Research Institute. Approximately one week after the final preparation and leveling of experimental plots, cultivation of rice seedlings of Hashemi and Gilaneh varieties performed with 20×20 cm cultivation pattern. In order to investigate and determine the effectiveness of biological fertilizers on quantitative traits of rice, no chemical fertilizers were used in the experimental plots. However, in order to evaluate and compare the growth characteristics and yield of rice varieties in conditions without application and with application of chemical fertilizers, a control treatment of chemical fertilizers for each rice variety was considered (based on soil chemical properties results) in addition to the treatments in each repetition. For this purpose, nitrogen fertilizer from urea source in three stages (before transplanting, before tillering and booting), phosphorus fertilizer from triple superphosphate source and potassium fertilizer from potassium chloride source before transplanting was spread in experimental plots. The amount of chemical fertilizers used in the fertilizer control treatment was determined based on the results of field soil analysis.