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Visit to Iraq

Dr. K. A. Shahdi visited Iraq, as a member country of CWARice accompanied by Dr. Mojtaba Rajabbaigy, D.G. of Scientific affairs and International Cooperation office, AREEO, based on official decisions made at the first Technical Management Committee.

The main aims of this trip were:

  • Present a comprehensive overview of the regional center and its objectives and identify the permanent representative and his/ her alternate to the TMC.
  • Get acquainted with the latest rice production techniques and scientific achievements and needed technical assistance of this country at the national level, and visiting the relevant rice research institutes in Iraq.
  • Identify national donors’ interests at Iraq in coordination with IRRI and other CWARice concerned scientists for supporting prospective joint projects related to rice cultivation problems in Iraq.

In this travel, CWARice Coordinator/ Head welcomed by head and staff of Al-Mishdqab Rice Research Station on 28 August in Najaf. He presented a comprehensive overview of the regional center and its activities. Also, Coordinator visited their observational rice fields, labs and laboratory equipments to investigate their rice research priorities & neediness.

A meeting with Dr. Mahdi Al-Kaisey, Technical Deputy Minister & other senior officers was conducted on 29 August, at the Department of Agricultural Ministry in Baghdad. They had a dialog to obtain proposal for the annual work plan based on needs of Iraq.

After negotiations over rice research and development issues, they reached an initial agreement called Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) among IRRI / CWARice & Ministry of Agriculture of IRAQ / Al-Mishkhab Rice Research Station on the Scientific & Technical Collaboration for the Development of the Rice Sector of Iraq.

To facilitate and harmonize collaboration among IRRI, CWARice and AMRRS, all parties have reached mutual understanding as set forth in some specified articles of this Memorandum of Agreement which is under pursuing by Mr. Hameed Majeed Radhiwi.