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La Nina may lead to crop losses in Central, South-East Asia, Indian exports to gain

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), a United Nations body, has warned of crop losses and food insecurity in Asia, particularly India's neighbours such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq, besides South-East Asian nations due to the potential impact of the La Nina weather event.

Countries in the Pacific and the Great Horn of Africa would also be affected due to La Nina, which can cause heavy rain and flooding in some parts of the world and drought in others.

India may, however, be unaffected by La Nina, a recurring global atmospheric-oceanic phenomenon associated with a decrease in sea surface temperature in the Pacific Ocean, the FAO said in its latest advisory.

New Delhi stands to gain from the losses of cereal crops in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines by exporting rice, maize, and wheat.

The World Meteorological Organization had in October 2020 declared the development of the La Nina event and said it would affect temperatures, precipitation and storm patterns in many parts of the world, the advisory said.

Source: moneycontrol.com