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The 2-day Webinar

 Sustainable Rice Production (SRP): With a focus on organic rice production

8-9 December 2020

During webinar CWARice Released:

An initiative of  Green Plus Revolution in Agriculture-Rice production

It is a great honor to announce that in recent years of research, education and development activities of CWARice, a strong linkage between rice production and breeding with soil science, organic farming, plant protection especially biological control and irrigation management through interdisciplinary projects (under two mega research projects namely: EMERGE-CWA (see research network at website) and organic/ healthy rice production since 2014 ) led us to evolve into a new era in the rice society of CWA region. This novel idea was released as a part of five-year program of CWARice at the 2-day webinar entitled Sustainable Rice Production (SRP) with a focus on organic rice production, to entering into the Green plus Revolution in Agriculture-rice in CWA region from 2021 onwards.

As an introduction to move forward this way considering a novel view on Green plus Revolution in Agriculture-rice, aforesaid webinar held on on 8-9 December, 2020 for Attendees from Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cornell University (The representative of The SRI International Network and Resources Center (SRI-Rice)), India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Tajikistan and Turkey.

Dr. K. A. Shahdi, head of CWARice released the concept of a replacement strategy named: ”­Green plus Revolution” in agriculture- rice through the first lecture of webinar. Idea come out as a main result of the strategic plan for sustainable rice production emphasizing organic/ healthy rice derived from the five year program of CWARice. Whilst increasing crop yields about three times by Green Revolution of agriculture started in 1968, applying chemical inputs and genetic manipulation were the negative aspects of matter as well. Regarding negative effects of chemical inputs on environment and human health, to achieve higher yield meeting growth population needs, the best choice is concentrating on soil as a new strategy  named: "Green plus Revolution in agriculture-rice", he announced.

Indeed, in his initiative going towards a new revolution adding concepts of organic or healthy crops/ rice production with a special attention to the vital role of soil and its rhizosphere, soil will act as an excellent miniature world through plant microbiome achieving higher green plus  yield than those are happening negatively now!.

Moreover, Dr. Shahdi mentioned that to stay on right direction of this idea, it is needed to improve our understanding on how agriculture-rice is changing soils and how does soil really work differently by our management? In the Green plus view in agriculture especially rice production, we should focus on soil properties, plant roots in different rice farming systems, nutrient availabilities and transformations in soil rhizosphere, soil and plant microbiome activities. These will allow us for a better design of management systems, which in turn will promote greater nutrient availability, microbe activities and prime plants with better defense responses when challenged by pests & diseases towards higher yield without chemical inputs.

Consequently, to reach a sustainable higher yield, “soil is the best option, if we allow it” and to approach this new strategy of Green plus Revolution against those happened with harmful results for people health and environmental disasters, an alliance of organic agriculture, science and genetic engineering focusing on soil is needed to be started. In addition, to cover new paradigm of G plus Revolution for a better life through food safety and security, the current policy of investments at all national, regional and international levels must be changed.

The lecturers of webinar were as below:

  1. GreenRevolution in Agriculture: A Novel View on Soil (part I)”: Shahdi, Head CWARice
  2. Eco-friendly soluble phosphate management strategies in rice agroecosystems for optimal productivity: Saradhi, Delhi University
  3. Effect of biocontrol fungi (local isolate) in combating Echinocola weeds in rice cultivation (Case study): Nihad, Kufa University
  4. Pest and disease control in rice production, Tulek, D.G., Trakya Agricultural Research Institute(TARI)
  5. System of Rice Intensification (SRI): Khidhir Hameed, Almishkab Rice Research Institute

To see more details of webinar click here.

You can join us at new paradigm of “Agri-rice Green plus Revolution” (ArGpR) very soon.