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Mandate of CWARice

  1. Provide leadership in planning, implementing, monitoring, networking and management of the collaborative research and technology development projects.
  2. Serve as an advisory council in Central and West Asia, providing feedback on national rice R&D priorities and needs, identifying common regional concerns and finding technology and policy solutions
  3. Organize advanced rice research and training workshops for relevant scientists, experts and practitioners from the region, with emphasis on new production technologies.
  4. Facilitate the participation of scientists in relevant international conferences, workshops, training programs, and monitoring rice research and development in the region.
  5. Developing mechanization network of rice cultivation and strengthening rice industries in the regional countries.
  6. Facilitate the exchange of rice germplasm, seed trade and network among member countries and international organizations, subject to national and international rules and regulations.
  7. Facilitate networking among regional countries for exchange of information on rice industry, science and technology.
  8. Encourage all relevant stakeholders, non-government organizations (NGO’s) and Non-Profit Organizations in the region to carry out capacity building activities for improving rice R&D in the region.
  9. Identify opportunities to develop collaborative programs, initiatives and activities aligning national rice R&D programs.
  10. Develop and sign agreements with regional and international organizations such as ECO, IDB, FAO, Jica and etc.

In fact, partnerships will be the main drivers for reaching CWARice’s vision of success and regional center will provide a new umbrella for strengthening and expanding partnerships between 10 CWA countries.

CWARice is committed to promote and support interdependence, reduce barriers, and collectively change perspectives of all partners: research workers and administrators, policymakers and donors both inside and outside the region, as they become full partners in the regional rice community.

Throughout the activities of CWARice, Central-West Asia will be able to participate in and benefit from numerous new research activities, for example in the following areas:

  • Massive gene discovery through high-throughput genotyping and phenotyping;
  • New approaches for marker-assisted precision breeding;
  • Comprehensive efforts on new plant types, increased yield potential, and better grain quality;
  • New germplasm tailored to new crop management solutions for intensive, eco-efficient, climate-resilient high-yield systems;
  • Site-specific nutrient management, water-saving irrigation and other technologies to increase yields and input efficiency;
  • Efficient and environment-friendly pest/disease management under high-input systems;
  • Capacity building: the center will train a new generation of young rice researchers and training experts who will become future leaders for enhancing the rice industry in the region.